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Our Process

We can help secure your own business – or assess if a prospective acquisition is sufficiently protected.

Our team has implemented IT security systems across UK Government departments
and crime prevention organisations. We’ve also helped them save millions of pounds.
So we take these principles and apply them in the commercial world.

Our approach has three stages:
We examine your IT system (or that of your target company) in forensic detail to see if there are vulnerabilities of any kind. Our analysis is clinical, rigorous and comprehensive – no stone is left unturned.
We explore all the available security solutions. The good, the bad and the ugly. We advise what will work best and be most cost-effective, always adhering to the strictest recommended security standards.
We implement our suggested solution, ensuring a formal written security policy and an incident management plan in place. Or, if you come to us because a system is under attack, we act decisively to close the breach.
How does this make us secure?
  • We run a meticulous health check of the current security set up.
  • We reduce vulnerabilities in the existing system.
  • We raise the business to the highest recommended protection levels – and beyond.
How does this save us money?
  • We mitigate the risk of cyber breaches and resulting cost of repairs, as well as the damage to business and reputation.
  • We find and highlight potential efficiencies in the existing system.
  • We help to lower insurance premiums.