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Keep safe. Let Ilium Protect you and your business.

Higher online security for lower offline cost. It’s that simple.

Why choose Ilium Pro?
Five good reasons


We work on current Government projects, so we’re across the latest security procedures.


We protect your business, but we also look to save you money on insurance premiums.


We’re not tied to any product. Our advice will be fully informed and 100% impartial.


As experts in crisis prevention and management, we will safeguard your image.


No fuss. We solve complex problems but talk in a language everyone understands.

Cyber security is essential – for everyone.

Any business holding data is vulnerable to attack. One in three small companies has suffered an information breach in the last 12 months. And two in three large ones.*

But securing ourselves needn’t be complicated.

Ilium Provides robust and cost-effective solutions for companies – and assurance for those looking to invest in them.

* 2016 UK Government Cyber Security Breaches Survey

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Our Mission

our mission at Ilium Pro cyber security

Cyber security is vital for businesses. But too often it’s a minefield of technobabble and misinformation.

Ilium Pro was set up to cut through complexity and dispense with drama.

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Our Process

our process at Ilium Pro cyber security

We can help secure your own business – or assess if a prospective acquisition is sufficiently protected.

Our team has implemented IT security systems across UK Government departments and crime prevention organisations.

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Our Services

our services at Ilium Pro cyber security

Our services always follow our two objectives: secure and save. But do ask if there’s something else you need.

If we can’t help you ourselves, we’ll know someone who can.

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Our Team

our experience at Ilium Pro

The team at Ilium Pro is steeped in decades of experience.

Some of us have IT backgrounds, others don’t. So we know how to explain technical information in language everyone understands.

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Let us improve your security and reduce your costs.

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